Square-Shaped Wooden Basket with 4 Glass Jars

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1,300 Grams
Brown & Blue
Basket: Cardboard; Jar: Glass
Package Content:
1 Basket with 4 Jar
Care Instructions:
Wipe with dry cloth to remove dust

Product Overview

Material - Cardboard and Glass Features: 1. Organize your condiments, nuts or snacks in a better way with this Square-Shaped Cardboarden Basket with 4 Glass Jars that comes along with a beautifully wrapped up blue net finished with a rose-shaped tie on the neck. 2. The blue rose-shaped lid holder adds in a pretty and quaint vibe to your kitchen decor where it can be a perfect gift to your loved ones 3. The Cardboarden material along with clear glass jars can mingle with any decor of your kitchen. Disclaimer Clean up the dirt on the Cardboarden basket with a soft cotton cloth and Clean up the glass jars with soap and water


(No reviews yet) Write a Review