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Divine Blessing Buddha Idol

Divine Blessing Buddha Idol

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Material: resin Package Content: 1pc Showpiece The seated Golden Buddha pose, with one hand raised in a blessing gesture, carries dual and interconnected meanings. Firstly, it serves as a protective symbol, with the raised hand acting as a shield to ward off negativity and potential dangers. Secondly, it embodies the idea of conquering fear to attain inner peace. Our Blessing Buddha Sculpture seamlessly fits into any home decor or feng shui art arrangement. It's perfect for placement at your main entrance, creating a protective barrier against malevolent influences and fostering a harmonious environment. With its timeless appeal and positive energy, our Serene Buddha Showpiece makes for an ideal gift for loved ones or a meaningful addition to your own collection. Care Instruction: Wipe with clean & soft dry cloth to remove dust


16X8X28 cm

Package Content

1pc Showpiece





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